Red Dead Redemtion

Red Dead Redemtion, is a game in which you are a parent, where you’re walking home a few months or a year, do not know, but what it is that you sent to a village called: Armadillo.

In Red Dead Redemtion, how bad it has is that yes or yes you have to do almost misions.And to me that it was hard for me.

Then once you ended missions, you whent to the other end of the map, to go to home.But when you came,and  you were saying Hallelujah, but no, because the there were some guys who wanted to kill you.

So what happens is you put in duel mode and obviously you dead.When get older you’re not the father, you are the son seeks revenge, and then a cinematic will appear, the son killing those who killed the father one by one and when you kill all you can and do what you want , because all things are unlocked.

Well my dear readers see you in the next.

Your blogguer Arianna



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